What could my dream mean?

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What could my dream mean?
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I've had a really vivid dream and it's not like any others I had. Usually my dreams are about me and family/friends and I can control what I say or do. But this dream was way different,no family or friends in it, not even I was. I couldn't control my dream at all. Here is what happened:

It starts out by reading a book but quickly people are crawling out of the book in medieval clothing into the green hilly countryside. Then I see a half boat that is closed on top of huge mountain that creates a home of some type. On the long side wall that is a picture taking up the whole side that constantly moves. This wall has waves on one side on aside on a stormy sea, the two scenes are facing each other. Then human figures that fully black appear, a man and a woman, and they are to be married. The give each other shirts made out of sticks after they are married, their faces are happy. The only other time they will give each other another twig shirt is when one of them dies. A tall fat Scottish king takes care of them. They go about their normal life until the black figure man dies. He appears in front of his wife and gives her a twig shirt. I can see his face and it's one of extreme grief, his wife cries. The black figure man is buried in a hole parallel to the horizon inside of the grassy mountain. The dream skips to a later part and i can see the black figure women is very pregnant. She is now in labor, so the tall fat Scottish king goes to the village below the mountain. He is looking for someone to help deliver the baby. One woman says she is a midwife but the Scottish king says "you don't understand, this is a different kind of birth. A wise old witch woman comes out of her hut and says "I understand what this is about, but you'll have to carry me up the mountain." They reach the top and go inside where the wall is still moving, and then the dream just stops

Does anybody have a clue about this strange dream?
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