Connection with animals?

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Connection with animals?
Post # 1
Hey guys! I need help interpreting what this means. Ever since I was a small child, I've absolutely loved animals. I would be around animals more than I would with people. But recently, something weird has been going on and I don't know what to call it, and I don't know what it is. I have two dogs and two cats. My two dogs are named Tora and CC. Tora is a German shepherd and CC is a mix of a black lab and beagle. I've had a stronger connection with Tora than I do with CC. It's hard to put I'm words, but when I am outside with her for the evening, and playing around with them (they wrestle with me) I don't see her as a pet. I see her as... Almost like a human. Like I can know what she is thinking and I know how she feels. It's odd to describe it, but I don't feel that same connection than I do with my other dog. I have the same thing with my cats. I have one connection (kind of like with my German shepherd) but not the other cat. I don't know what this is, and I don't know if it is anything at all. Thank you for your time!! ~Alethea of Zeus.
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Re: Connection with animals?
Post # 2
Well, I would just say your energies are more charged together then with your other dog. Also, some dog's have more of a psychic connection then others. Two of my dog's have the most soul full eyes. All the rest just look at you but these two it's like there looking into your soul! My one that I've had since i was 6, she's 11 now, she has a huge energetic personality but the minute it's just me and her she instantly calms down and sits there and just looks into your eyes with the most loving calm look on her face for minutes but it seems like hours! Just like some people can be strangers or acquaintances yet feel like they've known each other for decades, the same can be said about animals. You two are just connected. take it as an amazing blessing because not many people meet other kindled souls whether human or animal. :)
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Re: Connection with animals?
Post # 3
Welcome to empathy!!! Empathy is the act of being intuitive toward others feelings and spirits! It can be magic related or it could just be the friendship that we share with our beloved pets. Especially when they are are best friends and companions. And your pets also have a sixth sense if you will as well. They know what and who to avoid. They know what and who they don't trust. And they know what and who they feel loving and protective towards. Clear your thoughts and open your awareness and see what else you can discover from this.
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