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Post # 1
How can I tell a person is my soulmate?? I bump into him everywhere, he sees me in places i don't see him and I dream of him even tho I've not been in contact.
This connection I seem to have is scaring me as it's against my normal personality ..
Please help
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Re: Soulmate
Post # 2
all I know for sure is that when you find your soul mate, you will know it, it's some kind of feeling that get's stronger it's like a connection . however not everything works out right away, you have you do things as if he was a normal person, get to know the person and so forth, hop this helps
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Re: Soulmate
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Soulmate
By: / Novice
Post # 4

In many paths people believe in the concept of a soulmate. It is believed to be the person (the soul) that completes your own. In some traditions the belief is the following:

The soul is divided in two after the physical death and it is reborned in two different bodies that are considered soulmates. These two people will meet at some part in their lives.

The shine in one's eyes is a way to understand if they are your soulmate.

Also a feeling of peace and compliteness is present.

However my opinion is that when someone is right for you, you just know it. But if you want you can use one of these techniques to help you:

  • Divination
  1. Scrying
  2. tarrot reading
  3. runes

However I wouldn't reccomend past life work for this particular cause it can be confusing.

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Re: Soulmate
Post # 5
Thank you for replying all of you n yes I feel all them things.. I dream about him.. I see him out n about n he sees me in some of the most random places..

I acting on a deep instinct today n told him how I felt etc without being graphic or intense but nothing has come back from him yet .. I must say it feels true the connection
But maybe it's only me who feels it.. I won't hear from him again most probably n I know it's going to haunt me somehow ..

Thank u for all ur advice
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