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New to magic
Post # 1
I'm primarily a Christian. I will always hold this values dear but I'm unhappy being single for so many years with no answers to my prayers. I know G-d hears me, but I think it won't hurt to seek other help from this vast universe. I want magic to assist me find true love and nothing else. * I don't judge anyone on their beliefs because I believe every single being on this earth was created with capability to do good or bad* I'm amazed that there are spells to help change appearances and gain money. I'm ok with how I look and I believe in hard work to gain wealth. I'm just utterly clueless in getting love. I keep a smile and act friendly around men, and I tried online dating with no luck. I accept all my circumstances in life except the fact that I'm single. I have so much to give and can't understand why no man (I'm straight obviously) can't see that.
The worse part about my situation is that I fell hard for a gay man. I've tried some spells and chants on this site but no progress. I'm ready for a change in my situation and would like any suggestions on what to do to get love.
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Re: New to magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
hi, your problem is common to many women and men. Actually, we don't speak the same language. I think it's nature's way of filtering out the bad ones.

One candle spell that might help is a white 7 day knob wishing candle you dress in blessing oil, or wishing oil, and burn one knob a night for 7 days, and ask God or Goddess to help you with this your special desire. This is best done at night. You can find the candles on the internet.

It's best not to use one name, but let the Universe find your wish for you. It doesn't always work right away, be aware of that, but hold on, and it will do it's work.

Very Good Luck to You, Moon
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Re: New to magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Spell Suggestions from Welcome.
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