Honey jar flame

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Honey jar flame
Post # 1
Interesting thing happened tonight I had a red tealight candle that I was burning I had to relight it cuz I was leaving the house when I went to relight it the wick was gone but the match got stuck in the wax and the flame was huge and continued to burn like the match turned into the wick tje flame was do strong that the wind from the dot being shut didn't lnow it out just added to the hight and color whst do you think thst means ??? It stated lit for a long time until the match burned away I was able to pray over it thoughts???
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Re: Honey jar flame
Post # 2
Well, for one, tea lights aren't recommended for a honey jar. You're suppose to use chime candles or taper candles.

"Please do not use tea lights on a honey jar. If you do, you will soon learn that they will not embrace your honey jar with melted wax for the purpose of candle wax divination. In other words, you will be doing the work, but you won't see the measure of your success. If you want a small, quick burning light, try a 4" altar light instead. It will burn for about an hour, and if you need to extinguish it and to burn it in sections, you can lick your fingers and pinch out the flame, a procedure that old-timers always recommend because it does not "kill" the spell like blowing out the flame does, but rather keeps it "on hold"until you come back and relight the wick.

Vigil lights (8-inch tall glass encased candles) are also not recommended for use on honey jars; they do not embrace the jar with wax, and they are simply too tall, heavy, and unstable to balance safely on top of a small jar. If they get knocked over, you may have a major fire on hand." - Lucky Mojo

Also putting a match in the candle for a wick is considered tampering with it, which you also aren't suppose to do. You need to leave it alone and if the wick is gone, which shouldn't happen, unless it's completely burnt out, you use another candle.
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Re: Honey jar flame
Post # 3
I agree, candles that can give off more time of burning will work best. And, since you tampered with the candle/jar I would suggest starting over.
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Re: Honey jar flame
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Just to say there's nothing magical or at all abnormal about what you witnessed. A candle burns for longer than the wick alone because it burns wax drawn up the wick rather than the wick itself. When a match is dropped into the wax you have a larger area covered in and exposed to the wax, meaning that it simply burns more wax and results in a larger flame.
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Re: Honey jar flame
Post # 5

I use tealights on the top of my jar, because their metal tins get very hot and "heat up" the jar as they burn.

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