stay away from area?

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stay away from area?
Post # 1
I am wondering about something I witnessed along with my fianc?e. Last night after dropping off a friend/coworker of mine after work I had noticed something just a little odd happening on a side street. It was one of those "kiddy-corner" type side streets where you take a quick right then left. Anyways, as I was turning left, I noticed what looked like 5 "guys" dressed in some dark garment, all were really tall from what I can tell since it was around 8pm except one that my fianc?e said was short. I only got a quick glance but they were standing in some sort of "pyramid like" formation, just staring out at us in the middle of the street. I was wondering if anyone knows of any types of spells, rituals, or occult/religious groups that would do something like I described as of yesterday around that time and does it sound like its anything at all or something I should disregard. If it is something I should concern myself with what could I do to protect myself or is it better to just stay away. thank you for listening.
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Re: stay away from area?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Before I would worry about it being some sort of occult group I'd think about much more mundane reasons. Perhaps it was simply a group of friends, perhaps it was gang or drug related. maybe it was some Goth teens. Heck it could have been pretty much any sort of gathering. Lots of people wear dark clothes.

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Re: stay away from area?
Post # 3
True. I just wanted to have someone else's opinion since I have had bad experiences in my past. Thank you for your answer. An added note, that particular side street is known for drug activity so after yesterday's creepy encounter I went down a different street.
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