deep emotions and ouija

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deep emotions and ouija
Post # 1
i was doing a love spell and i wrote my own chant down on parchment paper. i had many stones on the paper to keep it in place and to energize my spell then i lit my candle and performed my spell. i was asking for renewed communication and peace with my lover then i became super emotional and started to cry hysterically in the middle of my ritual then i held a red jasper stone firmly in my hand and asked for justice and peace then i put the stone on the parchment papper with my written chant and i put my finger on the stone and it began moving and going to certain words on the paper. i geel
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Re: deep emotions and ouija
Post # 2
i feel that this may be a sign that i should make a ouija board maybe my father who passed on wants to communicate with me? do you guys know what all this could mean? and is it bad that i cried while casting the spell?
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Re: deep emotions and ouija
Post # 3
I'm not an expert, but perhaps you were crying because of your lover? You were doing a love spell to bring peace between you and your lover, and that may have triggered something in your brain that caused all those negative emotions to do with him spill out. I'm guessing this as you mentioned it was a "peace" bringing spell. If its not because of that, then I don't know. Sorry.

About the jasper stone.. that is most definetly strange. I have no idea how your father would tie in with a love spell as I don't know any of your personal buisness. It could be a gaurdian angel or a guide trying to contact you. Or your lover subconsiously is.

I would not recommend using an ouija board as they are rather unstable at best. I would recommend taking up meditation or using a pendelum if its your angel/guide. If you are truly worried about your lover and you think its him contacting through the stone to you, you should physically contact him. That is my opinion. Sorry if I got something wrong here, I'm new to the forums.
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Re: deep emotions and ouija
Post # 4
hi thank for ur reply.
im sure the crying was because i wanted this spell to work so bad and it triggered all kinds of emotions and despair that i am feeling over the situation.

i have no idea why the jasper stone was moving it was really trying to talk to me. i had noother logical explanation other than my dad trying to communicate i was not aware that my lovers subconcious could soeak to me thru ouija....can u tell me more about that?
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Re: deep emotions and ouija
Post # 5
Please message me privately when possible and I'll message you back a explanation as its rather complicated to explain here.
Glad to help anytime!
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