Summoning animals

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Summoning animals
Post # 1
does anyone have a way to summon an animal on the physical plane? Not like creating one or pulling one from the astral plane, but calling one to you. I want a pet, my sister has guinea pigs but they won't play with me at all, not even talk to me other than "feed me or go die in a hole somewhere, you're not wanted" followed by a bite (that was a little harsh popcorn!)
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Re: Summoning animals
Post # 2
I'm not sure if that's even possible unless its like really advanced stuff... I don't know. I think some people just have a certain mojo. Like I always notice orange cats everywhere and they like me, but other animals pretty much shun me.
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Re: Summoning animals
Post # 3
I'm trying to ask a creature to be my companion, I heard before you can do it, and I am writing a spell for it, but I just wanted to ask for advice, maybe I try communicating with animals instead, then I can strike up a conversation with a squirrel or something... I get really lonely...
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Re: Summoning animals
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I think Lark gave you a wonderful suggestion here on acquiring a pet. You can also try maintaining bird feeders, or feeding the squirrels or other wildlife in your area. If you want to connect with any animal including your fellow human beings the best way is by being kind and generous, be pleasant, considerate and helpful. Not sure about the talking guinea pigs, but most animals respond well to those who feed them, so to gain their trust its best to feed them. I tend to be a lot friendlier after an ice cream cone myself. A handful of treats just works better than whining "pay attention to me!" You composed a spell to ask mother nature for a puppy, but I think a more effective use of your time would be to simply ask your parents for a puppy or other pet. If they feel you are mature and responsible enough to care for one they will likely allow you to have a pet. Your sister has guinea pigs,so your parents are obviously not opposed to having pets in the home.
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Re: Summoning animals
Post # 5
most animals have a good response too me, but those piggies just plain hate me, especially popcorn, she took over the cage and panda does everything she says. funny, I bought popcorn so panda wouldn't be lonely, so I took the one being bullied by the others.
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