Crush Dreams??!!

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Crush Dreams??!!

Crush Dreams??!!
Post # 1
Do for a while, ive been having dreams about my crush. Since about last year. We used to date on and off but haven't dated for a couple years now, we're still great friends tho. I either have dreams about us having sex, or being cute and cuddly together. I don't know why I have dreams of him. I had a dream of him last night (or early this morning). Its kinds sketchy, but I remember a couple things clearly. So, can anyone tell me why Im having dreams of him?? I would really appreciate it, please and thank you.
Blessed Be.
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Re: Crush Dreams??!!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Your crush feeling is still in effect. Take action; ask him out. Seems reasonable to me. Blessed Be...
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Re: Crush Dreams??!!
Post # 3
You really like this person so it seems only natural that you would have these kind of dreams about him regardless of y'all's past. There are two simple explanations that pretty much settle this. One, is that if they are in fact a magic practitioner, then they may have something on you or continue to send these dreams to you as a sign or some sort. The other is that you may have actually loved or still love this person and the only way for your sub conscience to deal with it is by putting you two back together in you dreams. Either way, you two really need to sit down and talk about this, and if so then try to work it out again. They may have a little doubt about it at first, but if they didn't have the same feelings about you y'all would have not been on and off you so long so many times over. So I say to you, good luck and whatever happens happens as the universe sees fit :) Blessed Be
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Re: Crush Dreams??!!
Post # 4
Thank you both so much. Ill talk to him :) Blessed Be
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