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Spell for co-worker
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I would like some advice if possible, if anyone can help with a recommended spell I would be grateful.

I have a work colleague, who at the moment is causing upset within our team, he is in a position below me, and so I have to address issues which occur, I have a manager above myself who I can go to for support and who can follow up on any problems.

About a year ago, a colleague I had previously worked with, wanted to move up to managerial position,, I recommended them for a vacancy where I work, and this person was promoted to work within our team. However they have made mistakes, when spoken to about this mistakes they become defensive, and say they will sort their own mistakes out, or they deny any wrong doing. This has led to other taking the blame. I have spoken to my manager and area manager about problems, which are becoming more frequent. This colleague then attempts to get other work colleagues on his side, in an attempt to make myself and now my manager to look like we are picking on him. He is also going to other colleagues telling them not to follow procedure and rules set in place. My area manager won't do anything saying if we move him, we're only moving the problem, and we need to sort it out, I tried talking to them, but he leaves and rings other colleague in tears, then comes back and blatantly tells me he is not doing thing I ask. He ignores me and turns away when I try talking to him, then goes back to other laughing and boasting about what he does, which is insubordination.

All I want is for this behaviour to stop, or for my area manager to see the position he is in, is not really for him, and maybe to be lowered back to his previous position, and stop trying to turn others against myself and my manager.

Please help.


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