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Post # 1
I don't know where to put this so ill just put it here. So I was just sitting on my bed and I keep all my spell books journals and sketch pads under there and all of the sudden on of my sketch pads comes out, and before this I was reading a book about how psychic are you and I was doing some easy spiritual journies contacting spirts for answers and stuff like that so I was wondering if doing that could I have contacted a spirts and that's what moved my sketch pad or is it just something that randomly happened and has nothing to do with spirits?
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Re: Question
Post # 2
Its is possible to to make connection with the spirit world but you got to be careful with everyone you connected with in the spirit world.Like they say, be careful went doing or trying to any kind of magic or what you read about magick by yourself.
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Re: Question
Post # 3
sure, it could be random.. but for me, if things start happening more frequently, than i tend to think there are higher forces at work.. and when something moves and is pertinent to what is going on at that time..

for example..
a few weeks me and my fell were going to bed.. he crawled in and i turned on the light to see where something was, he immediately covers his eyes.. i laugh, cuz his eyes certainly hadn't adjusted to the dark in the few seconds it took us to go to bed.. so i laughed at him and said "oh even.. i'm turning it out" and just as i crawled under the covers, the light in the livingroom came on, it's a dimmer on a pole lamp.. and it was turned down and clicked off before we left the room.. but it turned itself all the way up to brightest.. so, ramdom? probably not.. my fella doesn't believe in such things, so he is having a crazy time coming up with scientific explanations for everything that happens with me here.. :) yeah, you got a story and a, hey cool .. outta me..
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Re: Question
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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