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Old practice
Post # 1
Has anyone else heard of or following the old practice that states during midnight, fullmoon and samhain is when the vail between the spirit world and our world is the thinest and during full moon and samhain the spirits can cross back and forth. Bad and good. In order to disguise ourselves during those times we dat pork as it is considered unclean?
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Re: Old practice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Well the first part is certainly true enough. But the bit about eating pork??? I rather doubt it. Samhain was first and foremost a Celtic holiday and pork was a favorite food of the Celts, it was certainly NOT considered unclean by them. Pork being considered unclean seems to be related to the Jewish and Islamic traditions, neither of which celebrate Samhain.

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Re: Old practice
Post # 3
I got it out of a celtic tarot deck that came with a big book. It also said that salmon and hazelnuts and blackberries were sacred food of the gods or something to that effect. My hubby will be happy to know he can still have his bacon.
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Re: Old practice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

There is an awful lot of nonsense out there about the Celts. Frankly we have no idea whether any foods they had were sacred to their gods since they left us no records about what they believed or did not believe. But we do know from their midden piles in archeological digs that salmon was a common food in their diet as well as pig. And I doubt that they passed up hazelnuts or blackberries either. Remember that this is a culture that had to live on what they could either grow, hunt, or wild-harvest. They aren't going to bypass a nutricious source of food if they can help it.

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