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Dianic Wicca
Post # 1
Dianic comes from the Goddess, Diana who is Goddess of the hunt and who's predecessor was Artemis who was Goddess of the hunt and was pictured with a bow. However, oddly enough, she was also though of as the protector of animals and was extremely protective of her virgin-ity and become very offended if anyone tried to break it.

Dianic Wiccans are very eco-friendly and try to let out their feminine nature.
Yes, any Dianic Wiccan Covens only accept women born women. However, some newer Covens have become to accept males but it's still quite rare.

It has become quite a catch for lesbian or bi-sexual women but this wasn't Z's ,( the 'maker' of Dianic Wicca) intention. She wanted it to be for all women. Dianic Wicca is also known as feminist Wicca or spiritual feminist Wicca.

Apart from their female orintatited Covens, they are just like any other Wiccan Coven and go with all their flaws and imperfections as well as pros.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Dianic Wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

As an added bit of information, there are two different forms of Dianic Wicca.

The Dianic Wicca which was started by Z Budapest is truly for women only and honors only the Goddess. There is no God figure in Z's tradition of Dianic Wicca. There is an excellent article on this branch of practice at

On the other hand, the McFarland Dianics not only include men in their circles, but also honor the God as consort of the Lady. The Goddess does remain as the primary focus of their practices. More information about the McFarland Dianics can be found at

Since Wicca, as it was originally created by Gerald Gardner, was a fertility religion which was based on the relationship between the God and the Goddess, and since the Wheel of the Year celebrated that relationship from courtship to sacred marriage to childbirth, to death, there are many who feel that a Tradition which eliminates the male should not be considered Wicca at all, but rather a separate form of religious witchcraft.

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Re: Dianic Wicca
Post # 3
Thanks Lark.
I read both articles and found them very interesting.
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