Freezer Binding Advice..

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Freezer Binding Advice..
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

I am just looking for a bit of advice.
I have an ex partner & split up over a year ago because of his constant cheating and violence towards me. He now he wont leave me alone no matter how much I ignore him.

I have been considering a freezer spell to stop him contacting me but I want to know is, if anyone thinks it will have a negative effect on me or my family ?

Please be aware I am not doing it to harm anyone I just want him to leave me alone.
Also, what sort of freezer spell would you recommend ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Freezer Binding Advice..
Post # 2

Personally, I never heard of a "freezer spell" but I have heard of binding spells if you are in need of it. I would strongly suggest to call the police if he won't leave you alone because it can be consider illegal if you file charges against him.

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Re: Freezer Binding Advice..
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
No. It will not have any negative effect on *you.*

Make a petition paper, put it in water, and freeze him.

Make sure the container is plastic, don't put a lot of water in there, just enough for it to submerge the paper, leave the paper in there.

You could also make something to banish/drive him away.

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Re: Freezer Binding Advice..
Post # 4

I used this particular Freezing spell to freeze out the in-court power of the deputy that wrote me a moving violation ticket for something that I absolutely did not do, and that he falsely accused me of doing! It worked absolute WONDERS; he left in the middle of the court case and never returned, therefore the bailiff dismissed the ticket altogether.



Begin by writing his name on a piece of parchment, preferably in India ink, but pencil will do, as well. Next, fold the parchment as many times as possible. While folding, visualize his power over you freezing out completely; he cannot control you, nor do anything negative to you ever again. Once you have done that, pour Vodka over the paper so that it gets completely immersed in the Vodka. After that, place the parchment, wet with Vodka, in a corner of your freezer and leave it there for a whole 30 days. It stops him from being able to influence you and anyone else involved in your situation; it freezes him out.

Good luck with this spell, and I pray that he does indeed leave you alone after the casting of this charm!

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Re: Freezer Binding Advice..
Post # 5

Also, no, it will not have negative effects on you or your family. Unless you have ulterior motives and ultimately wish him harm, negativity, or anything else of a vengeful manner in the interim, you will be just fine using a Freezing spell. But to be perfectly sure that you are doing this for the Highest Good, harming none, after you place the parchment in a corner of your freezer, finish the charm by saying loudly and clearly: "With harm to none, So Mote It Be!"

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Re: Freezer Binding Advice..
Post # 6
Thank you all.

Thank you for the spell & advice thtdancerguy very much appreciated.
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Re: Freezer Binding Advic
Post # 7
Is there any way to speed this spell up? Say you have a courtdate on october 16th or seventeenth and had been fighting to have your 2 older children returned to your care for 4 yrs. And the caseworker who took them from you is a religous zelot who told you that youd never get your kids back unless you went to church, got baptized and had an abortion and you went through every level of government trying to fight it and just decided you wanted to try the freezer spell? Btw. Im a good parent. I dont do drugs or drink and my kids come fist. I have 2 at home here in washington.
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