love honey jars

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love honey jars
Post # 1
good evening everyone

i am new to honey jars and have been learning everything i can absorb.. would like to ask a couple questions..

is it good to open and re-sweeten love honey jars? like, adding more honey or personal affects?

and if i've tainted mine in doing so, should i dispose of this one and start a new one?

i am in a good relationship, the honey jar was started to sweeten my fella to be more romantic, tell me he loves me and start thinking of a deeper commitment.. in the beginning, it worked great, but suddenly he's grown quiet and distant..

any advice on how you care for your honey jars would be appreciated..

thank you
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Re: love honey jars
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You do not want to open a sweetening jar to add anything to it. Once it's closed, it's done and shouldn't be disturbed other than to shake it, do ceromancy on or pray over.

If you have opened it, toss it in a river or empty the contents at a cross roads (paying the man for caring for you) and start over.

As for the distant feelings with your can be one of two things.

Either you haven't been working it (shaking it and ensuring that it keeps working by doing so), or the magic has run out - meaning, what he was doing was because you wanted him to. Not because it was in his heart to do so.

When it comes to love magic, you can work it all you want and get great results. But at some point, if those things are what is truly in the persons heart..they don't stick around.

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Re: love honey jars
Post # 3
thank you for your help and wisdom.. he pursued me and we have been together for 1 1/2 years.. the honey jar was to add some extra romance and commitment to us, but i think i wasn't using enough positive energy and i was opening it, adding to it with renewed wishes..
i am going to get rid of this jar and start a new one, this new one to get my sweet man back to his sweet self..
thank you muchly!
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Re: love honey jars
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Seems I made that mistake as well. I kept opening it to re-add things I forgot or didn't have, initially. Will need to make a new one.

The only problem is, I am unable to get personal concerns, this time, because we are no longer in contact and see each other often, like before. Should I just add pictures instead, with full names and birth dates written on the back?
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Re: love honey jars
Post # 5

Adding pictures with the name and birthdate is better than nothing.

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Re: love honey jars
Post # 6
I didn't have personal concerns and only used his picture plus I added a rose quartz to my jar and work on it every day.

16 days into it and he has gone from not returning any of my texts to coming to see me this weekend for 2 nights before he heads of overseas for a week...Prior to that he had told me he didn't have time to come see me.
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Re: love honey jars
Post # 7
Cancermum, how wonderful.. i like to hear a positive story, may your honey jar continue to work..
bless you!
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