Looking For A Teacher;

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Looking For A Teacher;
Post # 1
Hey Guys!
My name is Kay :)
I'm just going to put this into bullets, it makes me feel like I am organized. O.O

-The point of this advertisement;
> I am looking for somebody to help me out some

-Help out with what?;
> I would like to learn more about Wicca

-What about Wicca?;
> Im new, so I'm not sure yet. I feel drawn towards stuff like demonology and fire, but that may be more advanced, so just the basics at the moment..
-About me;
> I am 14
> Im a girl
> Pshh not telling you much else..

- why you may not want to teach me;
> I have school and volunteer work a lot so I'm not sure how active I will be
> I can be a tad stubborn
> I get easily confused, I won't always understand

- some pros about me;
> I am inquisitive, always want to learn more. (this may actually be kind of bad, I would ask many many many questions)
> I am considerate of others
> I'm pretty educated.. I can quickly learn words.. Math is just what stumps me/:
- requirements for the teacher;
> Must speak English fairly well. I can understand Asl for the most part.. But since this is online and I can't see you anyways... English only please. q;
> Not like.. Mean. o.O
> Knows a lot about this.
> Good at explaining
> Pretty active (it won't do much good if you're only here once a month..)
>I may only contact through Here... Or possibly I will make a new email specifically for this.. I'm not sure yet.
>I have a mixed variety of beliefs.. Greek, Egyptian, And anything really.. So I won't bother you about your beliefs.
Thanks for reading! Please mail me if you are interested :)
I know I sound picky and I'm sorry about that, but I want to find a teacher that will Take the time and that I can connect with /:
But if you do decide to mail me back please include the following;

>How long you've been practicing
>Your specialty in Magick
>Why you feel you can/ should be the teacher
>How often are you on
>Anything else you feel is important :)

Again, thanks so much for reading! I really do appreciate your time. I hope this is noticed and that someone will mail me..

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Re: Looking For A Teacher;
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Do you understand that Wicca is a modern Pagan religion and that magic is but a very, very tiny part of what Wiccans do? Being Wiccan is far more about practicing the religion and worshiping our Deities than it is about doing spells.

Do you realize that demons are not part of Wiccan beliefs? That's not to say that we don't believe that there are malicious entities out there, but the study of demonology is more prevalent in Ceremonial Magic, Chaos Magic, and other forms of magical practice. Wiccans don't generally deal with the concept at all.

Perhaps you might want to do a bit of research on what Wicca really is before you ask a teacher to commit the time to teaching you about Wicca only to find it isn't what you are interested in at all. Here's a good link that will give you a bit more basic information on Wicca to help you decide.

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Re: Looking For A Teacher;
Post # 3
Yes I realize this. These are just the things that I am looking for a teacher for. I don't need a teacher for everything.
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Re: Looking For A Teacher;
Post # 4
And as for the demonology... I am new. Which means no, I do not know everything. I will not claim to know all. But in my coven they discuss that there. Just because it isn't a part of your religion, doesn't mean I am not interested by it.
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Re: Looking For A Teacher;
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

Well, you said you wanted to learn about Wicca...which it is obvious you don't know a lot about.

But if it's demonology and other forms of magic you're interested in then perhaps others will offer to help you. I just wanted you to be aware that they had nothing to do with Wicca.

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