Spiritual healing

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Spiritual healing
By: / Novice
Post # 1

Spiritual healing

Many people missunderstand this particular type of healing so I decided to explain it here.

  • Spiritual healing is a practise that can be found along many different paths. In shamanism for example spiritual healing is very common.

Spiritual healing cleanses the persons spirits from any negativity that interferes with it (along different paths they give diferent names to the negativity ghost, energy etc it depends in the believes of the healer) through aprocess of a ritual or a remedy.

Many problems in our life can initialy start because of our spiritual state and eventualy will have great consecuences in our life.

Negative energies as such can be caused by emotional trauma, a past life, valnureable spiritual state and for some paths and religions Gods or destiny.

  • The spiritual healing recuires a healer this person should have experience in this field because mistake can have very dangerous effects. This person always has a viry spiritual self and can sense energy and auras (some paths) with no special effort.
  • Another way is preventing those energies (ater the person is cleansed) with shielding. But for this again, the person must be experienced and sensitive (spiritualy) to be a ble to do this.

I tried to be objective in my view point I hope this was helpful


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Re: Spiritual healing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: Spiritual healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

This is a nice and simple article, good job.

You touched on something that I would like to expand upon for the sake of more knowledge. The majority of spiritual healers ahve realized that a lot of illness or discomfort in your lives have roots in the spirit of our being. I am a firm believer that illness originate from the spiritual self and manifest into the physical (which is a very shamanic veiwpoint).

For example, Reiki is a japanese practice of pulling universal energy through your crown chakra point and directing it through your arms to a chakra point on the patients body. Reiki stresses that illnesses happen around chakra points, and can be corrected by apply positive, renewing energies and 'rinsing' the chakras. This is a clear example of belief that the spiritual is the root of a problem and will always be the reason of something that is manifested as a physical.

Just think about this, use a new set of eyes if you will. You may approach a healing session (should you do one) very differently with this little bit of knowledge.

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