did it work?

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did it work?
Post # 1
Hi so I've been having some bad luck recently and so I tonight performed a banishing/jinx removal spell.
What I did!
I lit five white tea lights
Got a black candle
Inscribed what/who I was banishing
Annointed the top half in jinx removal oil, the bottom in black cat oil for luck, and the Middle band of the candle in john the conqueror oil. Then I got a taper holder, placed a penny in the bottom for luck and put the black candle on top. Then I decorated with protection symbols like Buddha, the evil eye, pentagram etc I lit a guardian angle inscence stick then the candles focusing on the goals saying nothing.

Then as my candle burnt well down, to the point where it should have naturally gone out, it started going out, re lit itself and every time I said "stop" to the flame it re lit back or if I said "no" and pointed. ... now is it me or is that coincidence? Does it mean something? Did it work? Tea lights are burning fine
My black candle has now burnt down over my lucky penny as intended as I now intend on using this in a charm bag.

Please comment. trolls though
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Re: did it work?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
sounds fine to me, it might take a few days to see/feel the full effect though. in regards to the candle, could of been environmental, possibly the wick, and i've known of people who can control a candle flame similar to how you described. [don't know if they can or just wishful thinking, but still a neat trick] while i'm no expert at flame divination, i do know a sputtering flame or a flame that goes out isn't a good thing, it normally warms of something ending. on the plus side you want this jinx to end, so it could be good. i have been told candles or incense going out during a cleansing means the spirit/negative entity, have gone.
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Re: did it work?
Post # 3
Thank you for a bit more info. I was rather worried as the candle kept almost going out and when the wick glowed a thin line like it was about to go out that's when I'd say "stop": "no" or "come on-I want a big flame" it'd light back up and if I said "big flame" the flame leapt just over the candle holder. Every time I took my eyes off it the flame went low as if it was going to go out. This is the second banishing spell as the day after the last one I almost got run over then I had a bad day at work
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Re: did it work?
Post # 4
I did weirdly also see like a blue aura around the candle which is strange as I've never seen it before. Plus the smoke from the inscence curled towards the flame of the candle almost wrapping around it.
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Re: did it work?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Most spells take time to work remember your sending your spell out to the universe.
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