Thought form

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Thought form
Post # 1
I am not sure what one would call such a thing; visualization of some sort used in projecting energy in order to manipulate one's surroundings. What I really meant to ask is the thing some witches do when they have to visualize energy, what do you call that very thing? Where you visualize something is there but it isn't, but it is, and it is energy on the "psychic plane."

Well, my real question is, and I would like an answer from a generational practitioner, when at what time did you learn of such a thing; "the thing where you visualize something that is there, but you can't see it, but it is there on the psychic plane."?

I am curious, bc I am 21 and my short time within the craft has been practically solitary for the past few years. I wasn't really raised within any sort of path. I seemingly chose to yearn and practice my craft, and naturally came across some things, but I am just curious about the witches that get their knowledge pasted down through their family bloodline.

In fact, I just want to get a short simple reply from the generational witches that like to keep the craft a secret within their lives.

State if your generational or not. State when and at what time you may have learned the concept of thought forms. How did thought forms evolve for you later on in your path (what is your opinion)?
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Re: Thought form
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am not a witch, I learned on my own, and discovered later that my father practiced before me, and so on.

I have worked extensively with thoughtforms.

Visualizing energy, or thought forms, though they are on the psychic plane, is not different than visualizing energy at all. I do nothing different in this circumstance. If I wish to make the thoughtform/construct less visible/noticable to others, that's a different story.
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