Honey Jar Enquiry... :D

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Honey Jar Enquiry... :D
Post # 1
I need help with my honey jar spell. A couple weeks ago, I put one together.
I put a pic of the person, I put some herbs in there, wrong the names and I burnt a white candle on top. I however did not put the recommended herbs. I broke down cinema leaves, I put in sugar but I did not fill the jar. I put honey 1/4 of the way as I didn't want to essentially 'waste' the honey. I don't personally like honey so I left it for my mom. I know she'd wonder where it went it 3/4 of it was gone.

I did however by a new one today which I am hoping to replace the other one with and fill up my jar. So now my question is, will my lack of recommended herbs, lack of honey (up until now) and lack of oil prevent the spell from working.

From my understanding, herbs are optional and I have also seen different amounts of honey being used but I just want to get some opinions.
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Re: Honey Jar Enquiry... :D
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Herbs are optional, but they are extremely helpful.
I don't know what "cinema leaves" are, so I can't even tell what type of sweetening jar you are doing to be able to recommend something more obtainable.

In all honesty, you didn't need to add honey if you put in sugar. The difference between the two is how long it takes for them to work. Sugar is much much faster than honey.

Typically, you wouldn't go back and add more. You'd start over leaving this work at the crossroads or tossing it into running water so it washes away.

In theory, all you would need is the petition and the jar of sweetening, so it can work without the other ingredients. It just might not be *as effective* as it would if you added the extra items (each one works to help by adding their own power to the work)
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Re: Honey Jar Enquiry... :D
Post # 3
Thanks for the response. I meant cinnamon leaves. I guess I've got to start all over again.

I might have to use the same jar though. Or I might see where this one goes.
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Re: Honey Jar Enquiry... :D
Post # 4
Hi, I'm currently working on a Honey Jar with positive results, message me if you need help.
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