Stomach Ache Break

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Stomach Ache Break
Post # 1
One thing I've always have on hand is peppermints, they do have to contain peppermint oil, can't be the fake stuff. I've found that the very strong flavor has helped out with stomach pains and even help tide hunger over. Another one that I suggest, but it's kinda hard to keep readily in my purse is ginger- it's an ancient Chinese remedy that cured sea sickness.
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Re: Stomach Ache Break
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Ginger is indeed useful in treating an upset stomach or nausea. There are a number of commercial ginger teas available, or you can simply nibble on crystallized ginger. There is a reason that our mothers used to give us gingerale when we had an upsent tummy when we were children...although most gingerales these days don't have enough ginger in them to be truly effective.

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Re: Stomach Ache Break
Post # 3
I've been doing the Lemon Ginger tea from Stache, it's pretty good! I agree with the ginger ale, it's like they stopped making it with that extra punch of ginger. Some of the crystallized ginger I've seen was covered in too much sugar for my taste, but the ginger part is good once I knocked it off.
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Re: Stomach Ache Break
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Ginger was added back by Canada Dry gingerale. And working very well for upset stomachs and motion sickness (car sick, sea sick, even flu. My mom always gave us gingerale too. But peppermint works great for gas, that kind that goes along with digestion and gives you stomack pain. I like to use 1 - 2 drops oil in tall glass of cool water; just taking sips at a time. Peppermints yes, I carry them too, as I'm always needing them (fibromyalgia causes digestive problems). Just my 2 cents... Blessings!
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Re: Stomach Ache Break
Post # 5
Great tips thank you I know about ginger ale
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