The Two main Energies

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The Two main Energies
By: / Novice
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Magick isn't all about spells and rituals. In fact, all the spells, rituals, and chants are useless if there isn't any energy to them. Energy is what gives power to the spells, gives meaning to the rituals and makes the chants. Energy doesn't just come from running, dancing, or moving. It come from breathing and simply being as well.
Working with magickal energies takes patience, planning, devotion, and trust. There are two forms of magickal energies.

This is you. This power is what you already have. You've used it before, seen it before, and recognize it. Personal power is what happens when you run up a flight of stairs, have a sudden rush of fear, feel angry or fall in love. This is energy; personal power. energy that comes from our physical form.
When we are healthy, out bodies are capable of producing great amounts of energy. This energy derives from the elements, because our bodies transform food and water, sunlight and air into usable energy/power. In a normal day, we use these energies to sleep, think, move, breath, ect.
In magick however, we use these energies for other things. You can create personal power by tightening muscles, clapping hands, and snapping your fingers. you can use personal power by visualizing, by focusing on your intent, an object, and a purpose. Then releasing it so it can manifest and help along your goal.

In magick we consciously release this energy so that it can create change that we need and want. Personal power is usually released from the body, through your Projective hand. This hand is most often your dominate hand, for most your right hand. Though someone who is ambidextrous can you both.
However, it should be known that using this personal power will harm the user if used excessively. If to much personal power is used, it will cause one to feel tiered, weak and physically drained. Though after a good nights rest, the effects most often will go away and the energy replenished.

The second form of magickal energies stems from the Elements themselves. Those who have marveled at a raging waterfall, saw the beauty of a sunset, admired a stand of trees, or felt the power of raging winds have already felt the amazing powers of the elements. The Elements are ever providers for magickal tools. Stones, sticks, salt, fire, smoke, oceans, storms, winds, all used by spell casters. Each has its own energies and can help bring out our own and help with our rituals and spells.
In natural settings and magick, we combine personal power and elemental power. This combined power increases spells and helps ensure the changes needed. We absorb elemental energies/power and other energies through the receptive hand. This hand is opposite of the projective hand.
Elemental power is divided into four main divisions: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
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