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Post # 1
Hi, I am saumen from India. I Posted this because i received many mails asking about Hinduism and their God/Goddess. Total God and Goddess are 366 crores ( controversial)in Hinduism. But There are three main God and Goddess simultaneously Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati ( Durga), Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi, Lord Brambha and Devi Saraswati. But as per Veda ( holy book of Hindu), these deity come from a eternal power named "OM". it SAYS that there is only one God in different names and work to help humans and their easy understanding about God. Its Also stated that every spirits comes from an eternal spirit and consist the same power. The chakras are the best way to understand your special power and feel the presence of God in you. You can think yourself God as God gives you the right to choose your path and destiny. The Veda has Four parts 1- Rick, 2- sum, 3- Jojju and 4- Atharba. Each part of Veda consist knowledge of spirituality in different paths. It stated about Elements too. their is five elements fire, Air, water, Sky and Earth. Every creature made up with these elements. Its stated about sixth element too ( Controversial). Its the spirit.
Hinduism is a vast thing. If you want to know more you can ask me.
one thing I have to mention that I am not an Expert as it is very vast. you are not agree with something what i had wrote then you 're welcome to argue on it. it will en-light both of us.
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Re: Hinduism
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Welcome.
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Re: Hinduism
Post # 3
If you read vedas you'll see the "Aum/Om" was divided into four parts called the four vedas and from between Om God Shiva originated into trinity form from their eternal Form known as "SadaShiv" The one giant light which have no start no end bla bla it created omom created Shada Shiva's Shiva form and shiva made everyone.... :-)
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Re: Hinduism
Post # 4
hi aumkaar. that's really en lighting me. But what I think Vedas didn't told us that. Its all wrote in Shiv-puran. There is other theory in Vishnu-puran which describe Lord Vishnu created every one. but one thing is commen that lord Brambha was created from Vishnu. Some says Its all Adi-shakti who created Gods and Goddess.
Can you please en light me on this Part.
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Re: Hinduism
Post # 5
Yes I can Shiva have many forms There's not only one shiva. Shiva is divided into many shiva rupas Uma pate shiv is the one which govern all and the The Male Aspect of universe.. that is what we pray he control all ..Yogi nath mahadeva is before marriage lives in cemetery who loves enjoyments lives with ghosts control them and much more..And their is Shiva (kailashpati) who lives on Kailash..However all shiva are form of eternal immortal Shada shiva all are one That's how Shiva is omnipresent..Shiva pray vishnu deva and vishnu deva pray Shada Shiva ...Shiva have no start no ending he created everything..Shada shiva the great shiva lingam As a divine light Is the true divine what We say God Shada shiva is particular not masculine nor feminine..He has both aspect he brought Feminine into existance However All took part in creation Bhramha Took creation [their are many Bhramha of every universe] Shree Vishnu Took work of preserver and protector [care taker] and Shiva [not shada Shiva] took Destruction work..However Who I am to tell you about him..He is cannot be explained he kept the mystery of time between a very few of gods..We can never know everything about him..even God Vishnu said that Shiva is not fully known to anyone..So it really don't matter who created universe and all..When you reach the point of true divinity In human form you will be back to one who created you...not that who created universe..This spiritualism Is very wide topic where out imaginations end from their spirituality starts..because we follow the limit of our spirituality or religion..But we know spirituality differ from person to person..and god becomes what a person want to see Gods as..
Blessed Be
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