Past lives..

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Past lives..

Past lives..
Post # 1
I have this question that the people we interact with in this life, our parents, the souls who come to us as our own children, the people we marry..

Is that all random? or if there is any special significance of the people we have in our lives.. like they were a link from past life..?

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Re: Past lives..
Post # 2

It depends on your belief. I'm not a huge believer on past lives myself, but you can get vibes of someone apart of your past life if there is one. Also you can try using divination or meditation to try and find out. Some people speak about having visions or dreaming about their past lives. Over all, it just depends on who you ask and what their opinion is. I think we try something new and it's random, but we meet some people who we have before that help us in one form or another. Plus we can get closer to someone we rarely knew or fought with or we can fight with someone we were close too and take a new journey.

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Re: Past lives..
Post # 3
Thanks for reply Saturn.
Any one with any sort of such experience, please share?
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Re: Past lives..
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I strongly believe that we have the amazing ability to forge an energetic links as a specie (race).We also have those strong emotions towards each other ,which allows us to be too close or too distant.To all of us ,at certain point, has happened to think of somebody and after some time this person would contact us in some way.There is not a reason for me to assume that this linkage is destroyed after we have passed.Even if we did not reincarnate around same people the connection is still there.However ,some indeed reincarnate in same family either the entire family or few members of it might meet together after many years and lives.

Denise Linn has reported same observations during her past life regression work with clients in her book "Past Lives,Present Miracles".
There is another famous and well documented case about the death and rebirth of the twins Jillian and Jenifer Pollock ,within the same family.
Leading investigators on the field are Raymond A. Moody M.D,Ian Stevenson,William Bernett MD.Denise Linn and Barbara Meiklehohn-Free work with clients on this field and give us feedback in their books.It will be beneficial to you to get to know about the work on field Broken345 ,does not matter if you pick the more psychological or more spiritual/occult aspect to it.

I do believe that every person we encounter in our life is significant in some way.This person can be significant even if he/she has negative impact on our welfare ,because we always learn in one or another way.Some of those people we might have called through this past life linkage ,and some we might have called through new one formed as we went on with our mundane life.
There is not simple answer to so fundamental questions,but what one can do is to devote his/hers time to read about the research done on them so far.
I would like to add that in Tibetan Book of the dead is mentioned that we choose our parents in the moment of our conception.Many people believe that we choose when and where we are reborn ,if we think within the lines of this information, we probably will choose to be reborn around familiar people(soul-wise) ,rather than strangers.
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Re: Past lives..
Post # 5
Thank you for a detailed reply Artindark. No doubt you are very knowledgeable. I would make a point to go through some of the text u refereed to me above, to expand my knowledge on the concept.

I am sure there is a connection that exists. In a different dimension though, and we are all just waiting for it to be discovered. Einstein gave the concept of conversion between mass and energy, and before that, this conversion would've sounded so stupid... i strongly believe that if something is not discovered, it doesn't mean that it does not exist! Which is why i am on these magic forums.
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Re: Past lives..
Post # 6
To some extent, I believe that anyone we come across in our lives we have seen in a past life. The ones that are closer to us we were closer to in a past life. I believe everything is predestined to some extent.
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