Dus language matter?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Dus language matter?

Dus language matter?
Post # 1
If i cast a love spell to someone, and that person is dutch and so im i, do i translate the spell or can i just do it in english?
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Re: Dus language matter?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Use a language that you are most comfortable with. It should be the language you think in. It doesn't matter whether someone else understands it. It's not the words that work the magic. It's the energy you attach to the words that does it. That's why use a language

Having said that, there are certain archaic, now perhaps extinct languages that are believed to have a higher frequency. Again, I don't think those languages by themselves had magical powers. It's the sound of certain words from these languages that have a higher frequency or stronger vibration that helps you project your energy in any form of spiritual work. Be it spells or meditation. A classic example would me the sanskrit word "aum".
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Re: Dus language matter?
Post # 3
Witchcraft works because of the ability of the practitioner to raise, focus, and send forth energy for a purpose. The language doesn't matter at all and it could be argued that if the practitioner uses language unfamiliar to her/him it might actually impede the process.

Spell craft is very misunderstood by many people because they don't understand that the spell itself has no power. It takes most people years of practice and study to learn spell craft, and the tools, "ingredients," etc. are simply there to help us focus our intention and to act as sympathetic magical correspondences to aid us in our attempts.

The language is basically something you choose while casting your spells. I'd also like to add that in some spells you do not have to chant anything, simply manipulate and direct your energy for a purpose, which is the basic form of spell craft anyway.

I recommend to have this language as a language you feel comfortable with, because it helps you to focus your energy and manipulate it way better. Do not choose a language just because it seems 'cool' or because it's ancient. You better focus on energy manipulation and proper spell casting than having a cool chant or language.

I also recommend to know the language or at least what you're chanting, because you need to focus on something for a purpose and have an obvious intent.

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Re: Dus language matter?
Post # 4
Oke i understand now. thank you all for your help.
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