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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Ghost?

By: / Novice
Post # 1
Okay, so let me introduce myself. My name is hunter. If there is any improper grammar i am sorry im typing one handed. This isnt a thread to question ghost. But more to ask about something that has been following me for a number of years that I personally think is a ghost.

I guess it started when I was young. I lived in an old trailer and it had supernatural occurences. Not just to me but to my older brother and mother as well. I never really thought anything of it. You would just see ghost. Such as a redheaded woman who would stand in the backroom. Also me and my mother both had seen a tall older man standing in the doorway of the backroom. It seems that all the paranormal occurences were only in the backroom. I remember being scared to stay back there when I was a kid because i heard voices. There were also a few occasions that i felt something grab my shirt.

I moved in with my grandpa in his wooden house down the road from where i used to live. It wasnt long before supernatural occurences started occuring there. Blinds moving when there was no wind in the room. and on a couple of occasions I would be in the bathroom that was in the room and come out and find the door in the room locked when Iwas home alone. This being weird since ive never locked the door. Nothing more than this never occured so I never thought anything of it.

6 months after that I moved into the apartment on my parents property. The same thing happening doors locking on there own. I went to basic training and then came backto live in the same apartment again this month. Again doors locking on there own. There was an occurence where a door was opened and slammed on its own. Also the blinds that cover my sliding glass door were moved on several occassions with no wind in the room. Several times i watched and it looked as if someone had swipped there hand down them.

I just recently moved into a spare bedroom in my parents house since my older brother moved into the apartment. Him and his wife have had no occurences over there since moving in. Just two days ago after a particulary emotional day I sat on my bed in my room with the door open in the dark. It being just light enough to clearly see everything. I looked up and in the doorway stood what looked like a shadow. Very short maybe 5 ft And all black. It then dissapeared.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be and why its following me?
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Re: Ghost?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
If it is a spirit, It has attached itself to you for some reason. It could be trying to get your attention or need help, since it's doing things that you are going to notice but its not hurting you. Or maybe a family member that wants to help you?
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Re: Ghost?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I thought earlier about a spell I cast years ago that invited dead family members to speak to me but dismissed it because it didnt work because i felt i wasnt experienced enough.

I feel this may be why, but I have no idea how to speak to the spirit to ask it what it wants.
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 4
You may want to identify what kind of spirit it is first. If it is malevolent, and depending on what sort of spirit this is, trying to contact it may do more harm than good. On the other hand, if it is not malevolent it maybe crying out for help or just wanting some attention. My advice is to do research on the different kinds of spirits out there.
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 5
I agree that you should do some the event that you decide that you want it to leave you can try using white sage and burn it in every room of the house,closets and especially corners
also while burning the white sage you can say something like you must leave and are not welcome back it is important that you tell it not to come is also important that you be firm but not mean when doing this...just one more suggestion I would surround yourself in a protective white light....
*Brightest Blessings*
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