Can someone help? (:

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Can someone help? (:
Post # 1
Well, I'm going to resume it My teacher, gave me a hand reading, and he told me a few things about my future, and honestly I'm curious about all he told me, and I want to know if its true, because it was a little weird :P So, please, can anyone give me a hand reading? Please and blessed be (:
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Re: Can someone help? (:
Post # 2
Reading the future in hand or in any magical way that humans know are in 90% of cases fake. The rest of 10% are or gained from birth, a magic creature, or a secret magic. When comes about future, i sugest you to dont try to find what its gonna happen. because its an almoust suicidel thing, because you may find out bad things that its gonna scare you and you will gonna make a lot of mistakes that are gonna put you dont. Every living creature haves an infinite types of future, but if you try to find your future you will gonna find only one, and if you know one, the other are gonna be erased, and you wont gonna be able to change your destiny.But if you dont know it, you can choose your own way, so you can have what future you want, of course you will have to gain it, by hard working.
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Re: Can someone help? (:
Post # 3
Hey. I'm new to this and I don't kno if I have power. So how do u kno if u do have power to do the spells?
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Re: Can someone help? (:
Post # 4
This reply is for Awesomegirl,

Honey I strongly recommend that you start doing some reading and then read some more....If you are asking this questions you apparently you've not done very much if any reading...Personally I would recommend reading books by Scott Cunningham...He gives an objective and realistic views to his writing as well as keeping it fairly simple...By no means do I mean for this to come across as being condescending in any you said you are new to this and it's only a suggestion to try and help you along your path...sending you light and guided energy..

*Brightest Blessings*
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Re: Can someone help? (:
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I also think that there are many possible futures, but I don't think ur stuck with the one you are told. What you are told about your future (assuming the reading was real) is what will happen if things continue along the path that their on right now. But milkshakes melt, and people change, and there is a possibility that something will happen that will change the course of your future. You could get another palm reading as a second opinion, if you really wanted to.
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