Past self

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Past self
Post # 1
SOrry for the many many threads I have made, just many questions I have.

A curious mind is a terrible thing to waste, anyhow.

Is there any way to see what you were in a past life if you've even had one. or heck if you've even had past lives. I would be interested to see what all I was, to connect with the parts of me that I didn't know before. Any help, be much appreciated.
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Re: Past self
By: / Novice
Post # 2
meditation is a common way to connect with past lives, but if you wish to see them or images, go with skrying. a black mirror or bowl of water are most commonly used. [and easiest to acquire]
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Re: Past self
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

The best (and safest) way to view a past life is to go to someone who is trained in past-life regression. A past-life regression is a form of trance work/hypnosis that needs someone who knows what they are doing to take you back to your past-life and then bring you back to your current one safely.

I don't believe that either scrying or meditation gives you a very accurate picture as your mind is apt to create false memories because it is influenced by what you subconsciously want that past-life to be about. As an example, most people that use this method seem to find themselves having been someone important in a past life. It is far more probably that you were a simple peasant rather than a knight or a King.

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Re: Past self
Post # 4
Alright Thanks. Is there any specific type of person I could find to help? Im not sure if im phrasing this right...

What would the person's 'job' be named if I were out looking for someone to help me with this?
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Re: Past self
Post # 5
Honey, you would be looking for someone that does or works with past life regression(s) and I cannot stress enough that I agree doing this with someone that is experienced is very important. Hope this helps =]

*Brightest Blessings*
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