Dark Aura?

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Dark Aura?
Post # 1

Hi. So, I have this problem that many people despise me and they also immediately dislike me even if they don't know me or didn't talk to me, and I don't think there is anything wrong with me, I am very sweet, and many people say I am beautiful, and I am clean, I go to the shower, I wash my teeth and my breath doesn't stink and I have clean hands, and my clothes are all clean and unbroken but they are quite colorful and they are usually combined with black, and I don't stink,and really, there is nothing wrong with me. And then because people despise me and they immediately dislike me without knowing what kind of girl I really am even though there is nothing wrong with me, I believe that I might have a dark Aura that drives new people away, and I had this problem since 2008. How do I turn the dark Aura into a white shining Aura that would attract new friends to me?

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Re: Dark Aura?
Post # 2
Well I myself am new to magical practices. I could maybe make suggestions to look into things?

Perhaps it isn't an aura of yours, but maybe you have a malevolent demon following you. I've read that some demons find a host and project an aura like that and they feed off the person's despair and suffering.

Might be worth looking into a way of cleansing yourself of a demon perhaps? If not then I believe more experienced members have way better ideas then me.
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Re: Dark Aura?
Post # 3

Now the dark Aura is really going out of control. It's driving people away from me and it's causing me problems that people think I am delusional even though I believe in normal spiritual stuff that are not impossible... D: Please someone help me?

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Re: Dark Aura?
Post # 4
just a suggestion, if you believe in God, you might want to ask for a little help. I agree with the above post, it does sound more like a malevolent demon than a dark aura, although I have only a simple, and basic understanding of the auras, I do have more experience with demons than I would like to have. If you don't believe in God, then try a banishing spell or something similar, but do be careful.
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