Same awkward moment...

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Same awkward moment...
Post # 1

A same awkward moment keeps happening to me. It's about the thing that everytime I read something quite inappropiate or awkward or somethingI only would like to read it alone, my mom coincidentally enters my room or asks me something, and I am getting very annoyed and insecure because this same moment keeps happening. What can I do? I think this is either bad luck, a bad Karma, or the thing that some spirit might overprotect me that the spirit wants to show my mom that what do I do in my free time because I am 17. Just how do I get rid of this annoying problem? Or do I have to wait till I turn 18 so the spirit would stop overprotecting me like that? And also, I have this mysterious thing that I am very (over)protected by spirits and the nature... How come I am so protected? Is it because I am weak? I also know that I had a very bad past life in the Medieval times, in the Medieval times I was tortured and killed cruelly by 2 men, so is this also the reason why the spirits and nature and Universe protects me so much? Just, why? And I apologize if this is a bad topic or if this is a forbidden topic. And also, I amnot seeking attention or scamming. If you could just help me? Please.

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Re: Same awkward moment...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Parents have an instinctual sense when their kid is doing something they shouldn't be doing. Be it knowingly or unknowingly on their part, we always know when something sneaky is happening.
I'm pretty sure similar has happened to everyone in their life.

I doubt it's anything more than that.
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Re: Same awkward moment...
Post # 3

But my mom is very atheistic and she doesn't believe in magick at all, so she doesn't even know what am I doing in the Internet...

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Re: Same awkward moment...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It doesn't matter what she is or what she knows. I'm not talking magical or spiritual. Parents tend to "know" when something is up.

I'm sure every parent on this site knows what I'm talking about a few kids can attest to it as well.
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