potions? healing salves?

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Forums -> Herbalism -> potions? healing salves?

potions? healing salves?
Post # 1
My 3/4's of someone's stomach is dead as well as a majority of their lower intestines. the only option the doctors gave him. prevents him from having kids, he is not ready to take this route. Is there a potion/salve out there that can help with his pain

Other Info:
-This person is very important to me
-The pain literally immobilizes him at points in time
- He has had this condition most of his life, and i can't stand seeing him in pain any longer
- I am a spiritual satanist.
-I have not messed with potions just spells as of right now.
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Re: potions? healing salves?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Pain is the one of the ways your body tells you that something is very wrong with you ,it is a urge to make changes and deal with whatever source is causing it.If the pain so excruciating, normal herbal remedies will not have great effect ,except if it is strong sedative / drug that numbs your nervous system.All of those drugs are addictive and they are harmful for you on long term.The herbs of which those compounds are extracted are also very tricky ones and can be addictive.Overall we are not supposed to prevent our nervous system to signal to us that there is enough strong stimulus to cause such struggle.What we are supposed to do is to treat the cause not the pain ,and especially not the pain that is going to be there for long time if nothing is done to prevent the cause of it.

Some physicians prescribe medical marijuana to cancer patients ,which are in strong pain against ,which nothing of less toxicity actually would work.Those people also are not expected to live much to suffer the long terms damage of it's use.Another often prescribed drug is morphine (which is made from opium).

Warning! :All of those compound are illegal(can vary by country/state) ,they are extremely addictive ,they can cause cancer and numerous side effects.They should not be taken without prescription issued by medically trained general practitioner or any other authorized medical professional .Laid public should not attempt to purchase them illegally for consummation and any other uses .

Disclaimer:Author of this thread is no medical professional and has no right to prescribe drugs or herbs to patients.Moreover the diagnose is somewhat lacking ,in the information provided above by AkiraLuff.This thread has for it's main objective to inform the public that compounds with so profound effect on the nervous systems can be dangerous and addictive.This thread should be read only for general information.Readers of all age and gender have been warned , to not take (through any form or way ) substances discusses above.Readers deciding to go against those warnings ,bear all the responsibility of their actions.

People are also advised to take under consideration all I mentioned above ,while advising AkiraLuff.AkiraLuff I would rather suggest that this person discuss this pain issue with his physician.
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