Vivid dream

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Vivid dream
Post # 1
so i was lost in this foggy moore, when this middle aged man with a brown beard in a black robe, and a middle aged woman with snow white hair approached me and they told me to stay with them and i would be safe. After walking for a while, they gave me this smooth, perfectly oval stone with green sligtly glowing patterns on it, and they told me to keep it safe and to protect it. We continued travelling until we came a cross a Druidic monument( kinda like stone henge). It was getting dark, so we decided to rest there for the night. once day came, we continued travelling across the moore.
as we continued the landscape began to change into a marsh like area with tall grass with fae scattered about and small rabbits.
deeper into the marsh we found a small cottage with a faint glow inside, so we decided to stay there. Nobody was there besides a faintly glowing light that wasnt really coming from anywhere. In the morning we continued walking when we began to be back on a moore. During our trek we got seperated somehow and i didnt know what to do with the stone that gave me, when i looked at it it be gan to glow brighter and brighter until all i saw was green flashing light, than i woke up.

Anyone know what this might mean, or was it some form of astral projection? it was so vivid to the point where i could feel the wind of my face and feel my bare feet on the moist ground. Does anyone know who theses two people were? a god and Goddess possibly? i'm not the most knowldgeable in astral projection.
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Re: Vivid dream
Post # 2
when you had that dream more than likely a spirit made you have that dream and this could be a sign of the future or maybe the growth of your astral projecting
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Re: Vivid dream
Post # 3
thanks for the help scary eyed cat.
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Re: Vivid dream
Post # 4
Intresting I just got into this but i would say that you need to create that stone as best you can and carry it with you i did something similar with a sword and then i realized after i had made it it resembled Excalibur
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