Druids Staff Blessing

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Druids Staff Blessing
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This spell is for blessing a staff you have just made. First of all, for staves, I prefer to use oak branches, since oak trees are considered the most divine of all trees. Once you have a staff made to your liking from an oak branch, you will want to get either some freshly fallen oak leaves, or pick some from a tree. The number of them is irrelevant, but I would prefer you use a number that is symbolic to you. If you know your magical number, great, use that many. Alright, once you have the number of leaves picked, take your thumb and pointer fingernails, and puncture the stem. Draw some energy from them to get familiar with it. Once you have done that separate the leaves accordingly. Say your magical number is three. You will have one leaf for you, one for the staff and one to set free. Next thing to go is to either call to your spirit guides, or Hecate. You should not use a dragon spirit for this enchantment,since a dragons main element is fire. Invoking a dragon spirit with this specific spell, will use up the staffs power much more quickly than you would like. Okay, once you have the spirits, and or Gods' or Goddesses invoked, use a specific incantation to bless the staff. For the best results you will want to create a spell beforehand. With the leaves, you will want to once again puncture the leaf, this time make the cuts close to the veins of the leaf. The first one, you use on you, rub the moisture/energy onto your intake hand. The second leaf puncture it along the veins, but rub it along your staff, until there is a green hue on the staff. This helps the energy stay bound to the staff longer since the oil from the leaf will seep into the wood. Then take the other leaf, and thank it for its energy and cast it into the air. Thats all it takes
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