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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
I need one please. I am afraid the dream one on the site is good but I like having other references as well.

Recently, I have been dreaming of the undead. The first time it focused on three people, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, and one other I did not know. I was in some kind of catacomb and was in a bed like chamber. No matter how many times I attempted to kill them they just would not die.

The next one was where I was first in an arena fighting with a random skeleton. Then I was fighting the same one in a mobile home park that resembled where I used to live. I wasn't really fighting now and more of running away.

What do you guys think?
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 2

You weren't playing any videogames before bed that night, were you? :P

seriously though, my actual first question is, what do beethoven, ben franklin and the person you didn't know have in common? Were they wearing the same clothes? Do they represent something to you, is something associated with them in your mind? My thought is that they're somehow connected and you're annoyyed with whatever it is and want it to go away.

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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 3
I had played Skyrim earlier that day actually. Normally I don't dream about video games though.

They were all wearing similar clothes. The white wigs stood out the most. (I don't think Ben Franklin or Beethoven actually wore those) I just seemed to connect them to those people.

It could just be my fear of undead though. Sorry for wasting time.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Ok here's how I see it.

Something unpleasant happened in your past that continues to haunt you even today. Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven and men wearing white wigs in your dreams are symbols of history. Another word for history is the past. You want to eliminate the memory or the actual unpleasant incident that happened the past. Perhaps in your waking life you've tried methods to erase that memory or are in denial of it. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you cannot kill the past or change it. The fact that you're trying to kill the men in white wigs who refuse to die is indicative of this.

The mobile home setting in your other dream once again takes you back to the place where you used to live. Another symbol of the past. While skeletons can represent something that's not developed, death, change, transformation etc in a dream, they are also a metaphor for what's hidden... "the skeletons in your closet". Skeletons you are fighting or running away from in your dream

While your subconscious mind is confirming that something terrible happened in the past, and that you cant change it or run away from the incident, it also offers you a solution that will help you come to terms with your past. Here it is...

To dream that you're in an arena means that you need to be in a situation and atmosphere where you can freely express yourself. Perhaps about what happened to you in the past. The arena also indicates that there are issues which need to be brought out in the open on the right platform.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 5
Ok thank you. That really helps a lot!
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