Peace at mind

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Peace at mind
Post # 1
My brother-in-law, whom I love very much (I see him as a true brother; he was one of the most important people in my life) has recently passed. He shot himself in the head last night, if that makes a difference. (and I only learned this a few hours ago, so it still hurts excruciatingly...) He was the one who first introduced me to any type of magick, and so much more. I haven't had a chance to see him in nearly a year because he and my sister moved halfway across the country and now they have a 9 month old daughter. Back tothe main point, he committed suicide, didn't leave any note, an I haven't had contact with him in a while. I just wanted to know if there is any way I could talk to him one last time. Would he be suffering now because he killed himself? I just want one more conversation. Until then, I refuse to accept his death...
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Re: Peace at mind
Post # 2
There are those gifted with a power to heal the pain. You know them as mediums. They are the only ones that can help you. My deep regards about your family.
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Re: Peace at mind
Post # 3

Any way you could potentially talk to him would probably be more dangerous than it's worth. When you try to call up a spirit, you never know what you could be inviting, or what may tag along for the ride. And if you just thought "it's worth the risk" then ask yourself this...what would he have said if he knew you were going to do something dangerous?

It may take a long time for a response, if you ever get one, but I suggest writing a letter. When the letter is written, seal it with his name on the front, and then burn it, until it's completely gone. Take normal safety precautions when you do this, please. Keep the fire small, contained, (I suggest a candle) and have a non-burnable surface that you can put the burning letter on. Let the candle burn all the way down, and know that the smoke is bringing your letter to him. The response may not come in a form you'd expect, so you have to keep an eye out. And beware of false responses. Still, this is the safest way I know of.

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