Altar - Jormundgandr

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Altar - Jormundgandr

Altar - Jormundgandr
Post # 1
I Had A Weird Dream About This Specific Rokkr Last Night And I Think I Should Make A Post About Him For People Who Want To Connect With Him/Her And Make An Altar For Him/Her.

Colors: Sea-Green

Symbols: Snake With It's Tail In Its Mouth

Altar Suggestions: Water-Colored Cloth, With Something Circular Representing The Big Snake (Ideally A Green Serpent With Its Tail In Its Mouth) Surrounding A stone Or A Potted Plant Or Picture (To Symbolize Midgard); Bistort, Ivy, Willow Withies, Or The Rune Ior

Food: Fish

Service Offerings: Help Someone Who Has Trouble With Boundaries Enforce One

Contraindicated: Don't Expect Jormungandr To Talk To You In Words. He/She Is Nonverbal And Communicates In Images And Don't Put Thor's Hammers Near This Altar

If You Want To Learn More About The Northern Tradition, Get the Book "Northern Tradition For The Solitary Practitioner, By Galina Krasskova and Raven Kaldera".

This Is The Book Which I Got This Information From.
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Re: Altar - Jormundgandr
Post # 2

Jormungandr, like many other commonly known Jotnar, doesn't really care if people worship him from what I have been told and based on the fact that there were no altars to him traditionally. He is even less worked with then Fenrir, who is definitely not for everyone to work with. I would take caution when working with him and respect him.

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Re: Altar - Jormundgandr
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Browsing through the Norse part of the forums when I stumbled across this.

I always had conflicting views on making altars for specific deities, Fenrir and Jormungandr included. Typically I see two kinds of sterotypical people who work with those two: One being the Thursatru-type (and my opinion about them is pretty strong) who tend to over-emphasize the chaotic nature of both deities and only work with them in the hopes of furthering that chaotic energy in some way for some purpose (..Thursatru is dumb and makes no sense that way), and the other being people who genuinely want to work with both deities in a way that just respects their place within the universe and their purpose. I have absolutely no respect for the first group, but strong admiration and similar views as those in the second.

For someone interested in Jormungandr, or any of the primal forces within the Norse pantheon, I'd offer a bit of caution when attempting to direct their attention upon yourself. For the most part, I'd say there's a good chance you're just going to get ignored by some deities and wights (like this one) simply because they tend to not want to be involved in anything outside of their own business. If you do try to call upon the Midgard Serpent for some work, I suggest you know a lot about what you're getting into. Jormungandr is supposedly a deity that you could involve in protective work, though whether or not s/he'd actually help is up to debate. When involving Jormungandr in something, it's definitely important to recall that Jormungandr comes from Jotun-blood and the best way (in my opinion) of getting a Jotun's attention is to offer them something like blood, hard work, etc- to show you put personal effort into it. Most of the time I find that those kinds of deities aren't willing to put in effort unless you are. Making an altar for some deities, like this one, isn't always practical. But to each their own! Rant over!

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Re: Altar - Jormundgandr
Post # 4
I was going to post something from , , but it would seem this site was changed or closed.

To my understanding, Jormundgandr has no practical use in Norse ritual.
However, I do honor him at times, with a small snake object and a drop of my own blood.

~ Never Lost
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