Inquiry of spells

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Inquiry of spells
Post # 1
I found a spell that petitions the god of your choice to grant you their powers and a portion of their energies. I was considering Myrddin or Morigan for this, but I would like to know what possible negative repercussions could take place if something were to go amis.
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Re: Inquiry of spells
Post # 2
The bases of my power is based on the notion of borrowing the powers of a given deity. As with any magic, the spells you right yourself are the most affective. Research the deity's history and learn what you can about it, before you mix energies with it.

I'm all for experimentation, but take the time to research the historic facts about a given deity to make sure it is something you want to have inside of you. I have learned the hard way that borrowing powers usually leads to making a trade of some kind. No deity will give you something for nothing. In my case I gave my grandma's life for power without knowing what I was doing. The deity I called upon I thought was on my side, so be very careful.

If you really want to borrow a god's powers, I hope you have something you are willing to lose to trade for that power. In the time I was able to successfully trade for powers, it took training by that deity to learn how to use it. It is like being handed the nuclear football and not knowing the launch codes. You may obtain incredible power and feel it, but not be able to use it.

My advice is to build a relationship with the chosen deity if you haven't already. Use the given spell on this site as a template for your spell to write your own. This shows the deity that you are serious about your request. If you have friends who know about your magical path, have them note any changes in your personality, this part is very important, because deities often use us to carry out part of their agenda usually without our knowing it.
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Re: Inquiry of spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Well, first of all Myrddin is not a God. He was possibly a man, but more likely it was the name used for someone filling a particular tribal position.

I would not mess with The Morrighan. The Phantom Queen is not a particularly friendly Deity. She is a war goddess and those who follow her tend to die young in battles of her choosing.

Besides, the Gods do not grant their powers to humans...not even if you have a so-called spell. The most you could get, and only if you have a relationship with a particular Deity, is their aid when you have great need.

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Re: Inquiry of spells
Post # 4
Thank you for your wonderful incite, both of you. As you can see, I still have quite a bit to learn, and was apparently quite deceived by the source of that spell. I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge about things pertaining to magic.
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Re: Inquiry of spells
By: / Novice
Post # 5
you could invoke a god or goddess to be present in your circle, then you could speak with them and/or ask them for energy or advise in a particular aspect of your life. but a spell to actually have the deities energy, i doubt works.
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