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ChristianWicca help pleas
Post # 1
I started writing an essay of Christian Wicca as I have had interest in it for a while and wanted to know more. As I got into it I found Trinitarian Wicca very interesting. My issue is, I don't have a lot of info and I began getting confused. The below is all I have and when I tried to get more info, I got confused between Jewish Christians and other forms. I do acknowledge the first Christians were Jewish but I can't find info clearly stated.
Can anyone direct me as to where I can go from here?

Christian Wicca Divisions
As with the word Pagan, Christian Wicca can be seen as an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of Christian divisions that practice pagan ways. Some divisions falling under this heading combine Christianity with Paganism celebrating both pagan and Christian holidays while others only celebrate the holidays that have Pagan roots. Other divisions use the generally accepted Wiccan Sabbaths and have no relation to Christianity. To many Christian Wiccan?s the word Christian reflects the fact that the deities used are from the Christian religion.
Trinitarian Wicca:
Trinitarian Wicca was originally established in 1999 and draws from Alexandrian and Dianic traditions. The pantheons used are taken from the Kabbakkah and Ancient Christianity however many also use pagan deities that were elevated to saints during the time of Christianity taking over. Ancient Christianity refers to the time prior to the first council of Nicaea in 325 which is often referred to as either the Apostolic Age or Ant-Nicene Period.
This division follows the structure of traditional Wicca in that they have similar rituals, they observe The eight Sabbaths and 13 Esbats as well as hold true to the Wiccan Rede. Those practicing Trinitarian Wicca consider themselves Wiccan, not Christian.

According to Joyce and River Higginbotham ChristoPaganism is: "A spirituality that combines beliefs and practices of Christianity with beliefs and practices of Paganism, or that observes them in parallel. This group will accept communion and participate in other Christian practices but still practice forms of folk magick.
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Re: ChristianWicca help pleas
Post # 2
Below is a great site that explains the Trinitarian tradition in more detail than the site you listed below. This particular site is the blog of Nancy Chandler Pittman, who was the first to write about Trinitarian Wicca (at least to my knowledge). This might also help clear up a few questions with the christian wicca/christopaganism as well.
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Re: ChristianWicca help pleas
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Wicca.
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Re: ChristianWicca help pleas
Post # 4
Thank you so much. Nothing like that came up when I was searching.
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