A job spell for you!

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A job spell for you!
Post # 1
I did this spell when I graduated early from highschool, and needed a job. First off, let me be completely honest and just say that you MUST do your part and put in your effort before AND after the spell is completed. Of course, everything comes with a price, so you can't expect a job to fall in to your lap, without any effort on your part (think law of attraction).

Description: To be prepared on a Friday at nine o'clock PM. This will help draw a job to you when you're in need of one.

- Paravati Diety Representation (or any other job/success relating diety)
-Incense (any kind, but cinnamon is preferred for success)
- Penny (face heads up on altar)
- Mars planetary symbol (draw one using red ink)
- Sun planetary symbol (draw one using yellow or gold ink)
- Casted circle
- White candle

- Light the candle and cast your circle, light incense, and proceed to call the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and/or Spirit)
- Focus and meditate on raising white energy. Once the energy is raised, focus on how happy you will be at your new job, and how thankful you are that you now have it). Think of how you'd feel at that new job, and embody that emotion/meditate on that for a minute).
- Once you have a pretty clear picture of how it's going to go at your new job, you are then going to chant:

"Job job come to me, a job for me is what I seek"

Chant it as many times as you'd like, until you feel that you have made your intent truly clear.

Note: Remember that while the words are simple, it is the feeling and emotion that is crucial to the spells success.

-Proceed to close the circle and dismiss the elements. When finished, think of that positive, happy feeling and KNOW that you WILL get that job. Don't ever worry how, just know that it's yours. Blow the candle out and envision the energy flowing into the universe working it's way out and about. You are almost done.

-Bury the penny, symbols, and diety representation somewhere where no one will find it. I found that putting it under my mattress works well due to the fact that I sleep on it and I feel as though I'm sleeping right on top of the magick, haha.

-Now you are done. Just stop thinking about it and let it work it's magick. In the mean time, go fill out some applications and do your part, while the Magick, and your will do its part by bringing your spell to fruition.

Let me know if this has helped any of you guys! OR just let me know if you like it, or are going to attempt it. This has worked for me. I've been at my job since Febuary of 2013, and still going strong! Thanks and blessed be!

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