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Please help
Post # 1
Okay I have a few questions. One how powerful would u have to be to send something worse then a ghost to someone?? What does a raven mean in black magic?? I have met a friend that I know practiced some dark stuff and has done very bad things. Well I know he has a dark past and practiced something dark. I can sense it. Should I be careful of him??also he knew I had a past life as a witch and was killed in my past life cause of him.i know things about our past life with each other. He was into black magic and I was more into white magic. I know my name was willimina and the year I died. He likes ravens and I would like to know what does a raven mean in magic? There are also these dreams I have had where a shadow figure is after me but for some reason I am drawn to it. Please reply and help.
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Re: Please help
Post # 2
Also what does a shadow figure mean
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Re: Please help
Post # 3
If he is your friend, the first rule would be do not harm to each other! Animals have different meanings in different paths, some good some bad, so it is a bit vague. In my opinion there is no black magic or white magic, like left hand path or these stuff. It is just someone that chose to do bad things instead of something good. Another thing, if someone say he is in the 'dark side', in my opinion, there is something wrong, you don't need to say what you do, or what you are. The people will feel your presence, and will detect negative energies (remember I am not saying he is a poser, it is just something you don't want to talk to others, etc). If still any doubt, feel free to reply the forum.
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Re: Please help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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Re: Please help
Post # 5
You shouldn't trust him he might expose your secret of being a witch to someone who would hang you by a tree in the middle of town
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Re: Please help
Post # 6
Oh boy...there is a lot of panic and fear in this post.
First thing you should know is he is feeding off if your fear. Stop giving it to him. You are allowing him to have power over you.

Second, Raven means different paths. In my pantheon, it's a sign that my Goddess is near and it's very comforting.
Raven is also one of Odin's watchers.

I am a firm believer if doing your own research and taking information that resonates as truth to you. You will know what feels right to you.

Magic is neither black, white, gray, blue or purple. It just is. It's a universal energy that becomes what the practitioner intends for it to become.

The "dark side" is another relative term that gets played out like the movies. We all have a dark side. It's were our deeper emotions reside. It doesn't mean anything bad.

This guy is playing in your fears and holding you captive with them.

Do research, study...learn. The more information you have, the less will fall into the fear trap.

If you have a past life history with this person, then use this lifetime to learn the lesson you are meant to learn. That you can overcome his grip on you. Education really is power.
He can't play on your fears if you have knowledge.

Many blessings to you, Hun!
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Re: Please help
Post # 7
1) aboat as powerful as a newborn, just as long as you know how to use the power in all my experiences anything that is on the phyzical plane is more powerful
a- a revons meaning is different in different cultures
b- forget the idea of black magic, magic has no color, its just how u use it
3) you cant practise dark magic you can practise just magic, its just how u use it, and I wouldn't, seriously if he killed you in a past live than your destinys might be intertwined somehow, and if he killed you than that cant say anything good
4)the shadowy figure can be 2 things, one a shadow person who I find relatively harmless, or even helpful, tue your subconscious mind trying to tell you somthing, if so than a pendulum might help to get some answers
p.s. Your knew right? cause some of this is prety baisic stuff, no offense if your not
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Re: Please help
Post # 8
By the way aboat him the best thing to do is not to think but just trust your intuition some of the most corect knowledge comes from the first impulse, whell in my experiences anyway
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Re: Please help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Why are we reviving this post from months ago? Its not a general information sort of thing, its about a specific situation posted months ago. I am just curious.
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