I can feel Im doing it!!

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> I can feel Im doing it!!

I can feel Im doing it!!
Post # 1
Today, I read an easy way to astral project, which was to meditate n stuff. I did that, and I can feel my legs tingling like crazy! Also, it's really hard to move my legs now. Can anyone else tell me what else i have to do?
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Re: I can feel Im doing it!!
Post # 2
well I have done this great meditation but its best to do out side it especially helps if your a water element so what I do is I get a regular plastic cup and fill it half way with water then I place it a top of my head and let the water drain as it drains I try to think of the water being all my thoughts.

Also if your legs are tingling you should probably do some more stretching because it means your circulation in your legs is stiff

hope I help any concerns or questions please feel free to message me
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Re: I can feel Im doing it!!
Post # 3
Its probably either restricted blood flow which can be fixed my gentle bending the leg so it causes more blood to flow through it.
Or its just a pinched nerve, usually caused by laying a limb in a position for a long time. It can give a tingling feeling and reduce the amount of mobility, threat same as restricted blood flow.
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Re: I can feel Im doing it!!
Post # 4
It could be that you had sleep paralysis or the you went into the vibration stage.
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Re: I can feel Im doing it!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
To be fair, Astral Projection isn't really something you find out about, try once, and succeed. The chances of that are *incredibly* low. It can take quite a lot of time and focus to really start doing conscious projections, unless you're one of the few who it just *happens* to, without there being any knowledge of the subject or any practice.

As Spiritual and Gaia have suggested, it's most likely a form of trapped nerves or bloody (a bit like pins and needles too), or it could be that you were entering the stage of sleep paralysis (it's often been said to feel like a led blanket is covering you from bottom to top). To be fair, our brains, minds and bodies can do some pretty weird stuff, that isn't related to any sort of spiritual happening whatsoever; don't give up trying though, but, also, keep an eye on your body. If it is trapped blood for instance, then that's not good, and can lead to troubles, which might mean you should start doing some stretches and the like, which could potentially help you relax more in the long run anyway.
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