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Post # 1
I have a book with many uses of oils, in this book it said to just put the oil on. Is this true or do I still need a spell to go with it. Also would anyone know the different uses of Black cat oil. I know it is one of the luckiest oils.
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Re: oils
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i've never used Black Cat Oil, but check out, i know they sell the stuff and they have information on their products.

i don't know what you wish to 'put it on', but you anoint candles, objects, and people with oil to give them extra energy. the oil is infused with the energy from the plants, so a small amount should give a lot of energy as a result. put a few drops on your index finger [of your power hand] and rub in a circular motion the oil over the object, visualizing your intent. if you;re anointing a person, it can differ with each spell, but normally, you put a drop on your wrists, ankle and neck. [some people i know also put it behind the ears] you could also use to to draw symbols or whatever else, but that's the basic anointing i know.
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Re: oils
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

As Neckoshema said you can use oils on your skin(this is called anointing yourself with oil),caution is advised though,only use small amounts and make sure it does not irritate your skin.If it does then wash it off immediately and do not work with it.Find another oil with the same effects as that one.

Black cat oil is indeed used for luck it can be used to bring luck in gambling and reverse bad luck.

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Re: oils
Post # 4
I got a question, is there an oil that you can anoint yourself with to attract love from a specific someone?
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Re: oils
Post # 5
"Black Cat" oil :


Oils are just another "tool", in ritual practices.

Though, "tools" are not always necessary, paths such as folk magic requires them.

They can be as simple as 4 dabs of olive oil on a candle ( correct color for your purpose ), then focusing on your request.
Or as complicated as a 7 - 13 day ritual.


To address another question, "no".

You can't slap on a love ritual oil, and hope your "target" jumps your bones...

Select the correct ritual, according to your desire(s) and "morals", and off you go!

~ Never Lost
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