love spells: the truth

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love spells: the truth
Post # 1
Am going to keep this thread plain and simple so everyone attempting love spells will understand.

The whole "love spells" catagory is really debatable. When it comes to love spells I tend to go on the side "you shouldn't cast them" as far at ones feelings go. I personally do not think you can make someone feel something that's wasn't even their in the first place(unless it's your ex), Though, I do think you can help someone help if they are looking for love, yes you can attract a lover into your life, but that goes on a diffrent level so I won't go their.

The worst part about love spells is trying to make someone love you, come'on, even if you did try it they will start to realise, what I mean by that is they will start questioning them seleves, for example..."Why am I even with you", something that goes along those lines. I am not saying they are going to wake up one day and say "you casted a spell on me", but other things may start to happen.

If you're casting a spell on them to make them love you, they really won't love you for you so really it would be a waste of time casting one in the first place, but if you have they are simply going to be infatuated with you by the reasons they don't understand why they are feeling like this with you. That's not real love, you may be okay with them not loving you really, maybe you just want them in your life, that's completely fine, but the thing you don't understand that the spell you casted has a "time limit". No spell can last forvever. In time, the person you casted it on is going to get disillusioned which can lead to being upset about what's going on but the thing is they don't understand none of it at all which then leads to a disater.

If their is someone you have intrests in you could do a simple love attraction spell, this way it won't force them to love you. It's basically bringing someone new into your life.

I really hope cleared things up.
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Re: love spells: the truth
Post # 2
Great advice!
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Re: love spells: the truth
Post # 3
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