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solitary practitioner gui
Post # 1
This is really for Lark, but I was not sure how to direct this to you personally and of course I am open to ANYONE to respond. I have a book called "Wicca: guide for the solitary practitioner" from Scott Cunningham. I have read this once before and I am in the process of reading it again and was curious if you have ever read this particular book or know anything about it or the author. I am a practicing solitary.I would love your input on this as I have seen you recommend many great books before as well as having read your very well put together bio.
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Re: solitary practitioner gui
Post # 2
Hi there's a lot about him He wrote several books on Wicca and the guide to solitary practition was one of the successful there's a lot if you google his name you will find a lot on him and family
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Re: solitary practitioner gui
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

That particular book of Scott's isn't a bad way to start out; although I do think there are better books out there that have been written since that particular one. I'd suggest "Wicca" by Thea Sabin or "Wicca: A Year and a Day" by Timothy Roderick as better alternatives.

Scott does make things approachable and easily understandable. And you can't blow your foot off (magically speaking) by doing any of the spells and rituals he includes in his books. So as a beginning book it isn't bad.

But there is one thing on which I strongly disagree with Scott. He makes the statement that Wicca is "anything you want it to be." That's just plain wrong and a bit silly. Wicca is a specific religion and it has some specific beliefs and practices that left out make what you're doing something other than Wicca. Other than that, I think he's OK as an author.

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Re: solitary practitioner gui
Post # 4
thank you both. I have seen "wicca: a year and a day" and it almost feels like it calls to me. This one of Scott's was actually given to me. I will look into the other one this weekend at our Pagan Pride in New Orleans.
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