Communicating with Athena

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Communicating with Athena
Post # 1
I know that i have spoken to her once before, but i have had no luck in trying to speak with her again. i've tried meditation and dreams, and they have not worked.

I am wondering if anybody on here(helenic preferably) could tell me how to communicate with her once again.
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Re: Communicating with Athena
Post # 2
Athena is one of my matron Goddesses, and although I have no specific chant to call her, I always use something along the lines of: " dearest Athena, I call unto thee and ask for your wisdom and knowledge. Please cone unto me to aid me in my time of need and bless me with your spirit, fill me with your strength and aid me.". Again, not specific but it is usually something along those lines. Also when meditating it helps to envision an owl, which is a familiar I share with the great Goddess. I once cast a protection spell with a combination of things and felt her come to me in the form of an owl, her great wings circling around the area and aiding in it's protection. I hope this helps.
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Re: Communicating with Athena
Post # 3
The Hellenic Gods have various protocols when approaching Them. They're rather keen on purification, moreso than some of the other pantheons, and many of the Hellenic Holy Powers will insist on the postulant and sacred space to be cleansed and purified before They approach. You might want to look up "miasma" and "khernips" for more information about this.

Specifically for Athene I'd suggest reading as much as you can about Her (Karl Kerenyi's book "Athene: Virgin and Mother in Greek Religion" is a good resource), and setting up a shrine to Her. The Holy Powers are far more inclined to communicate with a worshipper if said worshipper takes the time to honour Them with devotion, prayers and offerings. A good offering for Athene is pure olive oil, as well as the usual Hellenic offerings of frankincense and wine.

If you don't have a very good internal aerial for hearing Athene it's useful to learn a form of divination as you can discern what She is trying to tell you. There are several methods of divination that the ancient Greeks employed, feel free to PM me if you want to know more about them.

Orphic Hymn to Athene, translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis
Revered Pallas, you alone great Zeus bore by himself,
Noble and blessed goddess, brave in the din of war.
Renowned and cave-haunting, you may and may not be spoken of.
Your domain is the wind-swept hilltops and shaded mountains, and dells charm your heart.
Arms please you, and you strike men's souls with frenzy,
O maiden vigorous and horrid-tempered.
Slayer of Gorgo, blessed mother of the arts, you shun the bed of love,
And, O impetuous one, you bring madness to the wicked and prudence to the virtuous.
Male and female, begetter of war, counsellor, she-dragon of many shapes,
Frenzy-loving, illustrious, destroyer of the Phlegraian Giants, driver of horses,
Tritogeneia, you free us from suffering, O victorious goddess.
Day and night, ever into the small hours, hear my prayer,
And give a full measure of peace, of riches, and health accompanied by happy seasons,
O grey-eyed and inventive queen to whom many pray.
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Re: Communicating with Athena
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Comments.
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