Do elements fight?

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Do elements fight?
Post # 1
I began to study magic about a few weeks ago and I got a problem: I learned air first because I thought it would be the easiest. But recently, when I started learning water, but when water power inside get stronger I started is scene that the power of the wind and the water was fighting each other. Whenever I touch water (getting a shower or washing my hands) the power of wind go away. When it is dry, the power of air returned and pushed the power of water out my body. What is happening?
NOTES: I exactly know what the scene of each power like ( air is chill and a bit shaky in the hand; water is cold and gently; the other I never tried yet but I bet fire is hot and earth is hard).
And I am still looking for my element and If you knew what it is, please, please, please tell me.
-Right now the water is in the legs and the air is trying to push it out of me.
Thank you and God bless you all
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Re: Do elements fight?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
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Re: Do elements fight?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
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Re: Do elements fight?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
No the elements do not fight as you have described and are perfectly capable of existing harmoniously. Likely what is happening is that as you touch water you focus more upon it and thus divert more of your own energy to that element. It will not be water pushing air away but yourself simply by loosing focus on it.

I think you may need to readdress your understanding of all the elements to be perfectly honest though. You may associate certain feelings in your hands with certain elements and I won't tell you that's wrong necessarily because everyone associates different things however they are far more than just what you feel as they carry emotional and spiritual embodiments as well as just there physical.
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