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Post # 1
I'm really new to this, so apologies for any stupid questions. It's just that the internet is so full of different things that I don't know who or what to believe.
Ok, so my question is about wands. Do you need a wand to cast certain spells, do you need a wand at all? Or is it just a Hollywood notion?
If yes to a wand; can I make my own and how do I do that? Is there any proven wandlore I need to know of before I make my own wand or start using it?
Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks :)
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Re: Wands
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Misc Topics.
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Re: Wands
Post # 3

Wands are tools that one can use if they wish. There are some bits of lore on the proper type of wood to use, check magickal correspondences for this.

You can make a wand, you can just pick up a stick and use it for a spell than leave it behind.

You do not need a wand.

If you check forum or the articles there is something on wand making there.

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Re: Wands
By: / Novice
Post # 4
In all honesty you can just use your index finger to cast a circle. Using a wand and / or any other ceremonial tool will just help you to focus. You can make a simple wand yourself from a tree twig if you so wish.
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Re: Wands
Post # 5
Yes you can use your finger
But people use wands because its more closer to the earth
Also the finger is a bit short and a wand can do a bit more since it is long
And also a bit more poetic because the wand is the instrument of invocation of spirits. In most traditions, the wand represents the element of fire (in other traditions, earth, air, water or spirit) and symbolizes the life-force within the Witch. The wand dates back to prehistoric times. The Greek god Hermes is represented with a caduceus, a wand entwined with a snake and winged top, a symbol of power, wisdom and healing.
Blessed be :)

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Re: Wands
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Choosing whether to use a wand,your finger a septor or even your pencil is a personal choice.It is not a decision that can be made lightly.If you are comfortable with doing all of your magical workings with your finger then use your finger however if you would like to try out using a wand then you must do your research.
First of all you need to know what type of wand you would like whether it be old school (willow,birch,yarrow wand) or new age (crystals,made from silver,gold,copper etc).The purpose of the wand,knowing the meaning of each material and how to effectively utilize it in your magical work.
If you want to buy or make your wand and how you intend to customize it.
Now because of all this some people just intend to settle with their trusty finger and when they are ready and have given it sufficient thought they then go out and make or buy a wand.
Remember having a wand is not about how pretty and glittery it can be or how much it resembles harry potter.It is all about its purpose.
So take a seat think of what you are going to be using your wand for and look at what it should be made of to fit your purposes.

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Re: Wands
Post # 7
A wand can be just a stick you happen to find on the street
If it has a close meaning to you
Then that is the best wand for you
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Re: Wands
Post # 8
Thanks to everyone who replied, I really appreciate your input
Blessed be
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Re: Wands
Post # 9
Just to give an update - I read up on some wandlore, learned a lot in the process, and decided to mix old school with a modern twist and a big splash of me.
I decided to open myself up as much as possible to the spirits through meditation, and let them lead me. They led me to a specific tree (I've never experienced such a strong connection), which was a Pride Of India which blossoms pink. I thanked the tree for her gift, and cut a beautiful piece off. I skimmed the bark without making the wood bleed, then infused it with rose oil, tempered it, infused it again, and then put it away safely. Tonight I have infused it again with rose oil, sprinkled it with sage, blessed it with a moon spell, and I'm leaving it in the light of the full moon.
This is the instructions I've gained from my research, and I must say, the whole time I was in contact with my wand, I felt a personal connection to it, like it was an extention of me.
The whole experience has been enlightening, and I have gained immense knowledge, as well as a renewed respect for the spiritual world and all that which we do not fully grasp or understand.
Thank you to all who have replied, I look forward to walking this magical path with you, and sharing with you my experiences. You are an awesome bunch of people.
Much love and blessed be
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