need a anwser

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> need a anwser

need a anwser
Post # 1
I need a spell to make people or at least get people to listen or accept that me an this boy are in love an they shouldn't tear us apart.!! plz its my youth group an I need something
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Re: need a anwser
Post # 2
hmm...I wouldn't recommend a spell for this since what I think you need is more of self-confidence in yourself. :) Try meditation and focus on strength to build you up or as something I love to do whenever you breath in imagine your breathing in confidence and strength and allow it to go throughout your body and picture it so tingling as it does and when you exhale imagine all of your negative thoughts bring them to mind and push them out as you exhale so you are cycling new positive energy throughout you to replace all of the negative thoughts that rom in your mind from the others talking about you. you can picture them pushing out of your mind since it doesn't matter what they think but how you feel and what you believe is right :). You can also picture an aura type in a bubble like a "force field" and whatever they say imagine it bouncing off of that field around you. This helps me whenever I get nervous and self conscious about myself and it really helps me even when I do something like this when I do a big test because I always second guess even though I know the answer and I will literally over think the question and find that I have to find how every answer can be right (in multiple choice) and I will get sick and forget everything. and whenever you try something don't say "I hope this works" or such say in your mind I can make this work and I will. You'll be surprised how much strong you will feel and how others will sense this and back off. What they want to do is to get at you. You need to show them who is the real boss and you'll see that the best way to get back at them is to give them nothing by not saying anything and ignore them. :) Mail me if you need anything else or such.
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