Emotional self healing

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Emotional self healing

Emotional self healing
Post # 1
Basically this is raising and grounding your energy with the assistance of music and with a psychological twist x3

~If you are suffering from self harming thoughts or traumatic memories I suggest seeking professional help or at least having someone close to you nearby as this entails bringing those thoughts/feelings to the surface and can be overwhelming to some~

You will need music relating to your issue ( can substitute drum beats etc) and some that is more upbeat, something to cleanse your area (sage, salt, crystals etc.) Whether you are fatigued, stressed out, suffering from depression or trying to overcome your past, I have found this to work well. It is also a good practice to do before and after any physical or emotional healing for others.

First, make sure you know what it is you wish to overcome and can focus on your task. If possible cleanse your area with sage, salt water or surround with balancing crystals to transmute residual energy.(personally I suggest celestite for its wonderful ability to balance and uplift vibrations around it)

Once settled and your area is cleansed, you may call upon any dieties, spirits or guardians (if you choose) to witness and aid you in acheiving your cause. State your purpose, aloud or in your mind. Make sure to be firm and passionate about it! There is no room to be meek or for doubt when you truly desire to heal.
Using the music of your choice, focus on what you are trying to overcome (if simply raising energy and balancing you can skip to the next section). Let the music drown out all other thoughts and sound, allowing those raw emotions to surface. Dance around to the music, sing, tap your feet or whatever gets you into this mindset.

Once you've succeeded in that, switch the music to something more upbeat, energizing and positive. Continue to listen/dance etc. and focus on all the good you are accomplishing by overcoming your issue. Visualize a brilliant earthly green light pouring out of the ground and into your feet. Slowly feel this energy flowing up through your body and cycling back down into the earth, taking all impurities/issues with it for the mother earth to cleanse and balance. Once you feel you are cleansed/healed I suggest relaxing for a few. Some people told me they experience dizziness or excitability from doing this exercise so better safe than sorry.

Although I suggested at the beginning to focus on your problem, I do not recommend doing so in day to day life. I personally believe that we get what we send out into the universe. Focusing on the negatives will most often amplify and draw that in. Same with positivity. It may be harder said than done but remember that if you find yourself in a rut it will eventually come to pass. Hope someone finds this helpful. L.L.B ~Angie
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Re: Emotional self healing
Post # 2

Good job, Gos. I think I might even use this to meditate, or ground myself than what I usually do. Thank you for this post. I hope it helps a whole bunch of people.

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Re: Emotional self healing
Post # 3
I Love this!!! Thank you for sharing .. I think I will start incorporating this into my practices.
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Re: Emotional self healing
Post # 4
You are very welcome! It came to me when I was most needing it and thought others might also benefit from it :)
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Re: Emotional self healing
Post # 5
Thank you for this post, Gos :3

I use music a lot to draw out emotions and deal with the underlying issue, but I love how this method incorporates healing. I will be trying this when I meditate tonight!
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Re: Emotional self healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I think you stated it very simply, thank you =)
This is an awesome exercise that anyone can do.
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