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out of body
Post # 1
does any one know how to do any out of body experience,I was told it is very hard to do.
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Re: out of body
Post # 2
There is a specific topic for OBE / Astral Projection talking about my friend.
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Re: out of body
Post # 3
One of my teachers told me in high school that he had an out of body experience when he was a kid. He got in a real bad car accident. He said he remembers leaving his body and seeing it above him in his spirit. But he went back in his body and was fine. Not sure how you do them seems dangerous.
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Re: out of body
Post # 4
Their are so many diffrent exercises you can do. The way I do it is I go into lucid dreaming then take it into an out of body experience. You just need to find the exercise that works best for you, you can look on google, youtube, astral projection forum, even Spells of Magic articles.
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Re: out of body
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Meditation. Sit or lay in a comfortable position. You basically wanna get into a deeply relaxed state, to the point where you barely have any thoughts, some say no thoughts but personally I believe you always have thoughts. Keep going like this until you feel slight "vibrations" in your body. It might not specifically be vibrations though, iv heard it described as many things.

Before you get this far when you first start out, you might fall asleep. I did. I still do sometimes.

Then try to control the vibrations. That is basically the key to astral projection/OBEs. Its a little weird to explain, but once you get that far you can leave your body. It is advised though, that you start out small. Move your arm first, then the next day your leg. Not your physical leg your astral leg. Then when your ready, you can roll out of your body or float out.

Its important to remember not to freak out or get excited. That pulls you right back in.

It is hard to do. But with dedication, practice, and patience you will be on your way.
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Re: out of body
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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